Ventilated floor tile

Remove hot spots in your datacenter

Your Datacenter premises are developing and your raised floors are full of cables which are creating significant changes to air flows in the room. Certain areas are neglected, creating hot spots.

To rebalance the air flows and guarantee an even temperature in the cold alleys, AVELTEC has defined a range of ventilated floor tiles  combined with perforated floor tiles.

Compact and effective

These compact modules may replace your perforated floor tiles or adapt to an existing perforated tile and enable you to prove the quantity of cooling air needed to equipment which is poorly served. An electronic switch (EC) motor ventilator will draw the cold air from the raised floor and transfer it directly to the select alley.

Complete and easy to install

The AVELTEC ventilated floor tile modules are equipped with a 0/10V signal-controlled variable rate propeller turbine. Controlled by a proportional electronic thermostat (optional), they will provide the optimum flow to your equipment.

The AVELTEC ventilated floor tile modules are delivered mounted on a highly-perforated floor tile. Other integration configurations are possible.

Low consumption

Supplied with monophase 230V, the consumption of the highest performing module will be 170W at max flow and only 45W at 50%. Depending on the associated perforated floor tile, its flow may reach
2 500 m3/h.