Régulation MVB-ORANGE X4

MVB-ORANGE X4: The new reference for “Orange” building regulation

The sensitivity of equipment inside “Telecommunications” buildings requires perfect environmental control.
The MVB – ORANGE X4 regulator is the answer to your requirements.

Automatic and smart management

The MVB – ORANGE X4 regulator developed by SODALEC measures interior and exterior temperatures. The building’s inertia is also taken into account.
So, the regulator adapts the ventilation automatically to maintain an ideal temperature inside the building.

User-friendly and simple to operate

The colour touch pad display makes the regulator very easy to use. The use can see the essential information at a glance:
– Indoor temperature
– Outdoor temperature
– Ventilation setpoint
– Ventilation level
– Relay status


Thanks to its IP connection and its builtin website, the MVB Orange X4 regulator lets you read and manage by remote the atmosphere inside your premises.



•Sealed casing
• Touch screen
• Touch-sensitive control keypad
• Permanent temperature and general operation monitoring
• Indication of the fault and sensor concerned on the screen
• Automatic summer/winter mode
• Locking code
• Min/max recording on all the sensors
• Simple statistic display on screen
• Unlimited data backup in the event of a mains disconnection
• Indoor and outdoor temperature sensors supplied
• Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
• Real-time clock
•MODBUS RS 485 link
• Suitable for all Orange “Telecommunications” buildings
• System validated and approved with AVELTEC ventilators and units.
Please contact us for any other brands.
• Product designed in collaboration with ORANGE’s R&D departments